Sessions and projects allow you to easily organize your results and conduct multiple tests on the same websites and images. 

🗄 Projects

For every website or image you'd like to test, you should create a project. You can tap the plus button in the top right corner of the home page to create a new project.

A project is used to test a single website or image. For example, you could create a project for the website "".

You can use projects to test the same website or image multiple times with different test subjects. For example, if we conduct several tests on "", all of our results would be organized in the same Stripe project. This makes it easy to keep all of your related tests together, compare results between users, and conduct new tests.

📕 Sessions

A session represents a single test conducted in Hawkeye.

Each session contains the pages the user visited during the test and a screen recording. You can also name and favorite your sessions to help keep things organized!

Every session belongs to a project. This allows you to easily group all sessions involving the same website or image.

If you've already created a project for the website or image you'd like to test, you can just tap "New Session" at the bottom of a project's page. You can also create a new project if you'd like to test a new website or image.

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